My slides from todays session at SQL Saturday Denmark, Project Siena – and how to create a Windows App

Here is my slides from todays #sqlsatdenmark session.

How to create a Windows app with Project Siena, SharePoint and Office 365

Thank you so much for attending, and thank you to the SQL Saturday Denmark team for the opportunity.

For more information about the event:

Hope to be back next year!

Happy SharePointing


Introducing Office 365 Developer PnP core component as nuget package

Great news all fellow SharePointers. After great work from among others: Vesa Juvonen all Office365/SharePoint developers have gotten a great tool that will increase our productivity.


This great tool allows us in a very few line of codes, create a subsite, or set a theme for a site for instance. As you can see on the following examples:

  • Create a sub site – web.CreateSite(“sub”, “rul”, “Description”, “STS#0”, 1033);
  • Set theme to site – web.SetThemeToWeb(“SPC”);
  • Add document library – web.CreateDocumentLibrary(“Specifications”);
  • Create a content type – web.CreateContentType(“ContosoDoc”, “0x010100439c9788ea394e74941ded29b22f9b6b”, “Contoso Content Types”);

Now I’ll show you how easy it is to start creating a application that uses this PnP Core component Nuget package

I’ll create a new console application and I’ll add Nuget package association to the project to get easily started with the development.


1. Let’s start by creating a new console application



2. Right click the project and choose “Manage NuGet Packages…



3. When you search for “OfficeDev” and you will find two different packages, one for Office 365 and one for on-premises

This is because it’s differences in the CSOM packages. So select the one for your environment.


4. Click Install and all the needed components are added to your applications. You will also need to accept the EULAs for some of them.




5. The installation is finished when the package is showing “Installed” or indicating that in the UI



6. Check the references of the solution and notice that needed client side components have been added.



7. Notice also that the TokenHelper.cs and SharePointContext.cs is available for you



8. And that’s about it, you can start developing whatever you want using the CSOM.



The great thing about this is also we can come with feedback on functionality and improvements that we want to see, to do that join the the Office 365 Technical Yammer Network and give your feedback and suggestions in the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices Yammer group at


To read more about this check out this great blog at msdn:



I’m really impressed with this and also with the new “sharing is caring policy” of Microsoft. Keep on the awesome work!


Microsoft launches Office 365 Video to help companies create and share videos more easily

Microsoft just launched a new feature for its Office 365 productivity suite called Office 365 Videos that I heard so much rumors about earlier this year. So I’m very exited to soon get the chances to test run this.

Announced in a blog post today from Mark Kashman (@mkashman) , the feature is being introduced through what Microsoft is calling its NextGen portals for Office 365. These portals, the company said, will leverage the Office Graph to deliver relevant information to users and will have social and mobile functionality baked into them from the start. But what does this really mean, who will use this video portals, when everyone already uses YouTube. This is for me the most interesting question.


Office 365 Video allows users to create clips via the Web interface from a desktop or mobile device. Once a video has been uploaded, all the user needs to do is add a title and description, and then wait for the generated playback files.



Video files can also be played on mobile devices, and every desktop video player page has native Yammer integration, so you can type or host a video call while watching a specific clip. The  video will also show up in enterprise search immediately, making it easy to find and share.

The Video portal will roll out first to First Release customers, before being offered more widely to the rest of the Office 365 user base by “early calendar year 2015″, Microsoft confirmed.

Office365 Video is included in the Office 365 E1, E2, E3 and E4 subscription plans.

Link to the article from Microsoft:


If you want to learn more about this join the Office 365 Video YamJam on the Office 365 Community network on November, 20th at 9 a.m. PT. Request access to the Office 365 Community now.


Happy SharePointing everyone.