Yammer integration from SharePoint 2013 SP1

This is a step by step guide on how to set up the Yammer integration in SharePoint 2013 SP1.

1. Go Into Central Administration:



2. Under Office 365 – Click on Configure Yammer

On this page all you have to do is to Activate yammer.




3. Click on the Yammer link, you’ll be directed to /_layouts/15/Yammer.aspx and be asked to log in. That’s about it…
4. When you click the Take me to Yammer button, you will be redirected to Yammer.
5. Once Yammer is activated, the SharePoint “newsfeed” will now display this message when you visit your MySite.
6.  When creating a new User Profile Service Application you are presented with the option to use Yammer for Social Collaboration!
Go to Central Admin -> Application Managment -> Service Applications -> Manage Service Applications
7. Click New -> User Profile Service Application.
8. On the Create New User Profile Application you can choose if you want to use Yammer or the On-Premise social functionality.
9. To use yammer for your social collaboration – just simply choose  “use Yammer for social collaboration (recommended)”
That’s it – you have now successfully connected your Yammer environment with your SharePoint environment.
This setup provide only a link to Yammer, and doesn’t provide any integration’s besides that.
So to get other integration’s between Yammer and your on-premise environment you should consider the old Yammer App for SharePoint:
If you have some questions don’t hesitate to contact me.
This setup will leave the user still in SharePoint and not redirected to the the Yammer network.
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What is new in SharePoint 2013 Service Pack 1

SharePoint 2013 Service Pack 1 offers you the following in the upgrade:
•New features


•Includes fixes designed to improve your experience with SharePoint 2013.
•All cumulative updates through December 2013
•Public updates through February 2014.
Included fixes and updates in SP1:
Non-Security Updates for August 2013–Released August 13, 2013
Security and Non-Security Updates for July 2013–Released July 9, 2013

So upgrading SharePoint 2013 to SP1 gives you a more secure and stable plattform.

New features

With Service Pack 1 the integration with Yammer is much more easier then to use the App for Yammer located in the SharePoint Store. New is also the integration with OneDrive for Office 365 which gives you the OneDrive in the cloud where you get from Microsoft 25GB for each users, which is something really great.

This is the first step into a Hybrid environment where you have SharePoint OnPremise which redirects to Yammer and OneDrive for business in Office 365 (MySite).

Look at my other blogs for how to set up the OneDrive and Sites Links and the Yammer integration in SharePoint 2013 SP1:


What is new in #SharePoint Service Pack 1, #Yammer, #Office365

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