My slides from todays session at SQL Saturday Denmark, Project Siena – and how to create a Windows App

Here is my slides from todays #sqlsatdenmark session.

How to create a Windows app with Project Siena, SharePoint and Office 365

Thank you so much for attending, and thank you to the SQL Saturday Denmark team for the opportunity.

For more information about the event:

Hope to be back next year!

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My slides from my webinar with Intlock, 5 steps to take before migration to sharepoint online

Here is my slides from todays webinar with Intlock. Thank you so much for attending, and thank you to Intlock for the opportunity.

Thanks to ShareGate, AvePoint and Metalogix for your great migration tools!

If you need help with migration please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Don’t forget to grab your trial for Cardiolog Analytics also!:

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Join me for a webinar: 5 Steps to Take Before Migrating to SharePoint Online


Join me and Intlock for this webinar, if you want to learn more about moving your SharePoint environment to Office 365.

To Cloud or not to Cloud? This is the big question for many organizations today. If your organization is also thinking about migrating to SharePoint Online, join this session to get Microsoft MVP Knut’s 5 steps that you need to complete before moving to the cloud. You will get help to make the decision if your organization should migrate all the way to the cloud, or just partly with a hybrid deployment. Join this session to learn what the cloud can offer your organization and how you can migrate to the cloud with success.

Join us on Wednesday, August 19th, at 11:00 AM EST for our upcoming webinar on the 5 Steps to Take Before Migrating to SharePoint Online.

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My slides from #ESPC15 webinar: How to Create a Windows App with Project Siena, SharePoint & Office 365

Thank you so much to all who watched my webinar for the European SharePoint Community.

Video about the demos will be available within few days at my blog, so follow me on twitter to get notified about when they are available.

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Power BI and Office 365 Groups integration is now available!

The Power BI team at Microsoft just announced today that the Power BI now integrates with Office 365 Groups.

Power BI’s collaboration capabilities leverages Office 365 Groups to provide a central location for teams to work together. It enable teams to collaborate together on the same collection of Power BI Dashboards, Reports, and Datasets.  I will test this the next days, and then I’ll write a blog about what my thoughts are and share them with you.

More info can be found here:…







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AD DS Deployment

#1. Enable WinFeature & Management tools

First of all you install the AD Domain services windows feature and include the management tools, on all domain controllers.
# Run PowerShell Ise as administrator
Install-windowsfeature -name AD-Domain-Services –IncludeManagementTools

#2 Install AD DS Forest

next is to install the forest and first domain controller. Remember to add Db, Sysvol and Logpath on a separate datadisk.

Install-ADDSForest -DomainName -DatabasePath “D:\Windows\NTDS” -SysvolPath “D:\Windows\SYSVOL” -LogPath “D:\Windows\Logs”

You will be prompted for a SafeMode admin password.

#3 Install additional Domain Controllers

Domain join the additional VM’s planned for DC role, and enable the AD Domain Services features from #1. Then you are ready to run this in PS:

Install-ADDSDomainController -DomainName -DatabasePath “D:\Windows\NTDS” -SysvolPath “d:\Windows\SYSVOL” -LogPath “D:\Windows\Logs”

#4 Transfer FSMO roles

Since this is a single forest domain, I will transfer the Infrastructure master role to the second DC., this because the Infrastructure master got nothing to do in a single domain.

First load AD PS lib,
ipmo activedirectory

To shorten the command line syntax you can use role numbers in place of the role names. The following list details the role number for each of the five FSMO roles.

PDC Emulator – 0
RID Master – 1
Infrastructure Master – 2
Schema Master – 3
Domain Naming Master – 4

Move-ADDirectoryServerOperationMasterRole -Identity “KARMAD02” –OperationMasterRole 2

You can also use this to transfer roles later for version upgrade or force when a DC is broken/down. To identify the DC’s holding the roles run this two cmdlets in PS:

Get-ADForest | Format-Table SchemaMaster,DomainNamingMaster

Get-ADDomain | format-table PDCEmulator,RIDMaster,InfrastructureMaster

More info here:

My slides from SPSHelsinki: Delve and Office Graph in the Real World – How to make use of it in your organization

Thanks to everyone attending my presentation about CodeName Oslo and The Office Graph at the SharePoint Saturday in Helsinki.

Really nice city, and a great audience. Look forward to come back.

if you have questions about Delve, Office Graph or my presentation don’t hesitate to contact me.

My contact details:

Twitter: @shareptkarm

Email: knutrelbemoe(at)

Phone: (0047) – 98224609


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