My slides from todays session at SQL Saturday Denmark, Project Siena – and how to create a Windows App

Here is my slides from todays #sqlsatdenmark session.

How to create a Windows app with Project Siena, SharePoint and Office 365

Thank you so much for attending, and thank you to the SQL Saturday Denmark team for the opportunity.

For more information about the event:

Hope to be back next year!

Happy SharePointing


10 tips to maximize performance on your SQL Server 2012 running SharePoint 2013

Short description on how to Maximizing SQL 2012 Performance for SharePoint 2013

All mention earlier from Salid Malik, and Vlad Catrienscu and many others. But this is the short version. Just to remind you of the things you have to remember.

It’s easier to rember the different steps you need to configure to make sure of Great SharePoint speed.

If you want the long one, check out the Maximizing SQL 2012 Performance for SharePoint 2013 WhitePaper from Vlad Catrinescu.


1. SSD Disk or better

2. Formating disk with 64K

3. Language corralation Latin_CI_AS_KS_WS

4. Maximum memory

5. Changed Sizes on Model database

6. Default fill factor to 80

7.Switched of autocreate statistics

8. Max Degree of Parallelism – set to 1 (it has to be)

9. Changed Initial Size & Autogrow on temp database, and created extra temp files for the amount of processors.

10. Don’t do backups at midnight.

Thanks to Vlad for the more bigger guide!