My slides from #ESPC15 webinar: How to Create a Windows App with Project Siena, SharePoint & Office 365

Thank you so much to all who watched my webinar for the European SharePoint Community.

Video about the demos will be available within few days at my blog, so follow me on twitter to get notified about when they are available.

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My slides from SPSHelsinki: Delve and Office Graph in the Real World – How to make use of it in your organization

Thanks to everyone attending my presentation about CodeName Oslo and The Office Graph at the SharePoint Saturday in Helsinki.

Really nice city, and a great audience. Look forward to come back.

if you have questions about Delve, Office Graph or my presentation don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Guide: How to create a Visio Drawing and show it in the Visio Webpart

Hello everybody, in this Guide I will show you how easy it is to create a Visio Drawing, and then use the same drawing to filter a List inside SharePoint.

This will work in both a OnPrem environment and in a Office 365 environment. This is the first demo I planned to show at the SharePoint Saturday in Oslo, I will make a webcast / video on this also in one of the next days. So look back for that.

1. Create a list in SharePoint.

For this example I decided to create a list over sponsors for the SharePoint Saturday in Oslo


2. Open Visio 2013 Professional


Create new Blank Drawing.

3. Add images of the sponsors to the canvas



Do this for the next images also, until you have a page looking like this:



4. Define Shape Data

Select the image and then right click -> Data -> Define Shape Data




Then you get up the properties for the data shape:


Name the Label Sponsors, like the SharePoint list, this will be the identifier later to filter the list.

In the value field, write the name of the Sponsor, for instance: Metalogix like shown in the image above.

Repeat this procedure for all the images, just make sure to write the proper name in the Label and value fields.

Click save to save the Visio Diagram. I saved the file as sponsors_image.vsdx

5. Save the Visio Drawing to a document library in SharePoint.

To be able to view the Visio Drawing inside SharePoint you need to add it to a document library.


Click OK

6. Create a new Page for showing the Visio Drawing.


To the newly created list, we want to add the list we created earlier with all the different sponsors.

So find it like I show on the image underneath and click add to add it to the page.



7. Add Visio Web part to the page



You find the Visio Web Part under Business Data, and Visio Web Access, click add to add it to the page.

If you did everything correct the page should look like this:





All you need to do now is to choose “click her to open the tool pane”


Here you should choose web drawing url:

And choose the visio drawing you just uploaded to your document library.2014-06-01_00-20-28

Click insert to insert the drawing to the Visio Web Part.



Under “expose the following shape data…” type in the name of the Label from your drawing, if you followed my example, you should type Sponsors here.

You can also decide how often you want to have the drawing automatically refreshed.



Click apply to save the changes, and also save the sharepoint page.

Your page should now look like this:



Now it’s only one thin remaining and that is to send the selected item from the drawing to the SharePoint list to filter it.

To do so. Click edit page. And then Edit Web Part



Then again click to edit the web part, select connections, and Send Shape Data To -> Sponsors




Then you will get a dialog:



Select Get filter values from ,and click configure


In Provider Field name select Sponsors (or the name you choose earlier)

In the Consumer Field Name, select Title. (this is the name from the sponsor list we created in step 1).

Click Finish

Click Apply in the web part properties window, and click to save the SharePoint Page.

Now the page should look like this:



And if you click one of the images you will see that the SharePoint List “Sponsor” will show the values who matches the selected image.

Now we are finished with this Guide, come back later to see my guide about how to create a dashboard inside Visio Services and SharePoint.


If you have some questions about Visio Services, or SharePoint don’t hesitate to ask me.

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My presentation from SPSOslo 2014: Visio 2013 & Visio Services – A Quick Guide


If you have some questions or need some help with  SharePoint or Office 365 don’t hesitate to ask me.

My contact details:

Skype: shareptkarm

Twitter: @shareptkarm

Email: knutrelbemoe(at)

Phone: (0047) – 98224609

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Files from my SPSDubai Session

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Link to my session files: Session Files


If you have some questions just write to me:

Email: knutrelbemoe(at)

Phone: 0047-98224609

Twitter: SharePtkarm

Skype: SharePtkarm

Speaking at SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2014

Come and listen to me speaking at SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2014. This is my Session:Real life experience from upgrading SharePoint from 2007/2010 to 2013, and it’s nothing like the TechNet Guide. But it’s still possible to implement a successful upgrade project. I will explain you how, and show you some examples that will help you in your upgrading projects.